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The reason why I came to Chiropractic Works was because I was in extreme pain. I had constant pain in my right thigh and lower back. I had heard about the office from my son, who is also a patient of Dr. Smith's.  I have learned that chiropractic care can realign my body without surgery.  From weekly Chiropractic Care, I am able to function and perform daily activities relatively pain free. I would recommend chiropractic care to all my friends and family.

-Stan, Colchester

I came to Chiropractic Works because I had shooting pain down both my legs.  Dr. Smith diagnosed me with sciatica. I heard about the office from a flyer in the Burlington Free Press.  I have learned Chiropractic Care definitely works! I know a lot of people are skeptical of chiropractic care.  I was too at first, but now I believe it has helped me.  The benefits I have received from Chiropractic Care was to get rid of my sciatica.  The sciatica has been gone for sometime now.  Sometimes I get other aches and pains and Dr. Smith is able to fix it!  I put consultation cards on bulletin board at work. I try to refer as many people as I can, so they can get the results I did.

-Jen, Essex Jct.

I came to Chiropractic Works because I had stiffness in my neck, a possible result from being a waitress and years of misalignment's. I heard about the office from my friend Samantha, who recommended Dr. Smith.  I have learned chiropractic is essential to my overall health.  It helps with all aspects of general health, diet, nutrition, exercise, and immunity. Weekly Chiropractic Care has helped me to stay healthy.  As a teacher, I am surrounded by many illnesses and germ related illnesses.  Chiropractic has helped me stay healthy even in flu season!  I attribute this immunity to regular visits to Dr. Smith's for adjustments.  As a result I have not called in sick in over 8 years!

-Meg, Richmond

I came to Chiropractic Works for  lower back, neck pain, and pain between my shoulders. I have learned that chiropractic care doesn't mask the pain, it treats it. The main benefit I have received from regular chiropractic care is feeling better overall. I do not hurt anymore when I get out of bed in the morning!  I am also learning how important it is to have a healthy aligned spine. I have been telling everybody how much better I am since coming to Chiropractic Works. Dr. Smith and his staff are great people, making you feel like you're at home!

-Gary, Winooski

Chiropractic Works has helped me with my lower back problems and headaches.  The adjustments have been great!

-Sue, Richmond

Based upon a friend's referral, I came to see Dr. Smith for my migraine headaches.  I have learned that the spine controls the nerves, when a nerve is pinched or moved it can cause pain. I no longer have headaches or constant back pain.  After the adjustments,  my headaches are better.  I also learned to use ice instead of heat, which is huge benefit.

-Linda, Essex

I was getting tingling down my arms and into my finger tips so I came to see Dr. Smith. Since receiving regular adjustments, I no longer have tingling down my arms.  I am an electrician so I am always working with my hands above my head.  It is a a lot easier for me to do my job now that I am under chiropractic care. 

-Marcel, Essex Jct.

Dr. Smith has helped me a lot with my neck and back pain.  I have learned that bad spine alignment can cause many different medical problems such as back, neck, and hip pain.  It can also cause stomach and bowel problems due to different affected nerves. In just over a month Dr. Smith has helped me. I have not felt this good in years.

-Sue, Middlesex

I came to Chiropractic Works for peripheral neuropathy (pain in my knees and lower back).  My overall general feeling was fatigue and ill health.  I wanted an additional second opinion to a "surgical technique" to discover cause of neuropathy.  Chiropractic adjustments is a non-invasive approach to improving health while additional promoting a life style change and improvement. Chiropractic Care is the neuropathy has decreased.  My knee & back pain are gone.  I have greater movement and flexibility.  I have improved food habits and overall lifestyle.

-Gordon, Colchester

I was referred to Dr. Smith by my parents after I was in a car accident.  I had discomfort in my neck, back, and knee after the accident.  The adjustments have helped my knee pain. I can walk to my car and around work without stopping every other step.  I don't need my knee brace anymore.

-Rebecca, Colchester

When I came to Chiropractic Works I had a pain shooting down the right side of my hip and leg.  I was also having some back pain. My sister and niece are patients of Dr. Smith's, they both said Dr. Smith was the  best.  Chiropractic adjustments really worked for me. I should have tried it long ago.  Since I have been under care I now get a full night sleep.  I have also learned a way to relax my neck and the pain is gone.

-Bob, Burlington

When I first came to Chiropractic Works it was to continue care from a previous chiropractor. I have been seeing Dr. Smith for over 20 years.  I have been under care since 1979. Chiropractic adjustments keep me going.

-Marion, Burlington

I have a scoliosis and the pain in my back had been getting worse over the years.  I have learned chiropractic care can reduce and even eliminate pain.  It can also lead to overall health.  The benefits I have received from chiropractic care is my back is often pain free, my posture has improved and I just feel good.  I was warned that my crooked spine would a source of pain in future years, but now I feel that I am just getting better each deay, instead of worse.

-Martha, South Burlington

I came to see Dr. Smith with severe neck pain.  I have had neck pain for the 20 years and thought I needed surgery.  I decided to try chiropractic care and I feel so much better. I am really glad i came to the office instead of having surgery.  I have so much more mobility in my neck now, and a lot less pain.

-Audrey, Essex

Dr. Smith has helped me a lot. I had so much middle back pain and burning sensations. I couldn't stand it any longer.  I have been seeing Dr. Smith for over a month and half now and I have never FELT so good in my life!  I am semi religious person but I believe the lord has put Dr. Smith in my life to make it better.  I can't praise this man with enough words. 

-Diane, Essex Jct.

I first came to the office with neck and lower back pain.  I have learned that chiropractic not only relieves pressure from subluxations, but it also helps with many issues I have such as asthma, sinus problems, and heartburn. Since seeing Dr. Smith on a regular basis,  I have a lot more mobility in my neck.

-Melissa, South Burlington

When I came to Chiropractic Works I was having chronic lower back pain. This low back pain was causing irregular  sleeping, eating, and working patterns.  It also caused stamina and elevated irritability.  A subluxation or misaligned vertebrae can cause all the of the symptoms I have been experiencing.  By having a vertebral alignment,  my conditions have drastically improved.  Chiropractic care has improved my physical and mental health.

-Rich, Colchester

The reason I came to Chiropractic Works is because after four months of physical therapy and getting no where I wanted to try something else. I heard about the office from the yellow pages, and I hit the Jackpot!  I have learned that it is not as scary as some people say.  It is the best thing I've ever done.  The benefits I have received from chiropractic care are that now I can walk without being in the excruciating pain that i was in when I came for my first visit with Dr. Smith.  He has done wonders for my hip. He is the best!

-Alma, South Burlington

I feel a lot more energized since I have been seeing Dr. Smith.  When I first came in I was in a lot of pain. I don't have the pain I once had. I also sleep better too.

-Arleen, Burlington

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